Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist

  Customer Disclaimer

  • Canceling  the appointment and having to reschedule the first treatment will result in an additional $75.00 charge.
  • Non preparation of the home or  Poorly done preparation of the area will result in a $75.00 charge per 30 minutes of preparation time completed by the technician with an automatic  minimum charge of $75.00.
  • DO NOT not spray any bedbug solution, spray or use any dust or powder a week before treatment.
  • DO NOT use any bed bug fogger for up to 2 weeks before treatment (using fogger can affect our treatment  process and we will not honor our warranty if prior treatment is used) .
  • Dry pet bedding on high heat and place in infestation area.
  • Home must be vacant of pets and people during and after treatment , see pest control technician on re-entry time period.
  • Do not use any bed bug solution after treatments.
  • Do not move any furniture around. Leave all furniture where it is normally after inspection and  after treatment.
  • Do not move items from room to room. This could contaminate the unaffected rooms.
  • After the home is treated, occupant must continue to use bedding and furniture normally.
  • Payment is due upon completion of the very first treatment.
  • We offer a 90 day warranty from the date of the last treatment.

Pathfinder Pest Control is not responsible for any pest damage to the below  described structures and property before, during and after pest inspection or treatment or for any content within. Guarantees and warranties are invalid if  preparation instructions are not followed by customer. Check with pest technician for safety procedures after treatment.

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