Why Use Us

We use state of art equipment.We use researched and proven extermination techniques.We provide an inspection report for each client.We approach every client carefully and come up with detailed solutions to combat the infestation.We use safety procedures with all equipment and techniques to protect you and your techniquesOne day heat treatment – usually applications can be done in half a day.90 day Satisfaction Guaranteed.  We back our service 100% and we will come back and retreat your home if necessary.We kill all the life cycles of bed bug.We know you don’t  want your customers or neighbors or future tenants to know that you have bed bugs. We will quietly and confidentially treat your property.Nervous about using us? That is okay, call us!   We will give you a quote and an example of our  procedures and also give you instructions on preparation

If you know you have bed bugs then we offer the following

Expert  BED BUG extermination specialists who will consult you on making sure you get rid of those bed bugs once and for all. This is important because if you hire someone who is under-qualified, it could lead you to additional expenses later.

Guaranteed relief from bed bugs. We have proprietary treatment blends which are 98% more effective than what the other exterminators are using.

We serve Residential, Commercial and even Industrial properties.