Have Bed Bugs ?

Have Bed Bugs? How to Proceed Now.

Picture abruptly waking up from a peaceful night of rest to the feeling of yourself being covered in itches. Then you start to wonder if your pet picked up some fleas from the mangy cat from the park. You get that sinking feeling when the word “Bed Bugs” flashes in your mind. Underneath is checklist of things to look for to determine if you have bed bugs.

Being able to identify what a bed bug actually looks like is step number one. A grown up bed bug is brownish and oval shaped. While a bed bug might only be a few millimeters tall the can reach up to a quarter of an inch in length. They are so flat they can get behind outlet covers and wallpaper. After feeding a bed bug will be redder and larger both in length and in girth.

Now that you know what a bed bug looks like, the next the step is to look in their favorite hiding spots. Bed bugs tend to make their homes in places like chairs, couches, and beds. Pay very close attention to search the parts of the furniture that aren’t usually visible such as underneath mattresses and cushions and don’t forget the seams and piping. There are a few other hiding spots you also need to check like the cracks on the actual bed frames, draw joints, even in the heads of screws. You might want to wear gloves if you think your likely to find a large group of bed bugs.

Just because you don’t see any bed bugs doesn’t mean they aren’t there. You need to check fro traces of bed bugs activity. Keep a sharp lookout for brownish red spots, these spots can be evidence of bed bugs feces. Small red stains on your bedding, chairs or sofa could be blood from being bitten by bed bugs.

While not the best indicator, bite marks can also be a sign of bed bugs due to being easily misidentified when the actual culprit could be another pest or some allergy reaction. If you have found other clues that would make you think there could possible be abed bug infestation then those bug bites need to be taken as a serious sign of infestation.

Make sure to call an exterminator as soon as possible if you have found multiple signs of bed bug infestation after reading everything here. Exterminating bed bugs is a long and tedious process and you want to be sure that you actually have bed bugs before you spend your hard earned money on a pest control specialist.

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