Evading a Bed Bug Emergency

Evading a Bed Bug Emergency.

At the beginning you feel just a little itchiness, and then one more, then another, until it feels like that you are wrapped naked in a burlap sack. You then start to ponder whether your cat picked up a few fleas from that dirty looking neighbor dog. You get that dreadful sensation when the word “Bed Bugs” flashes in your head. Check underneath for signs that there may be a bed bug emergency.

Being able to identify what a bed bug actually looks like is step number one. Adult bed bugs are brown and round, kind of like an oval shape. Bed bugs are up to .25 inches long when they reach adulthood. Their bodies are also extremely flat. They are about as flat as a credit card. Bed bugs will become large and red after they have eaten.

I have compiled a list of areas bed bugs tend to hide. Let’s put that new knowledge of bed bug identification to good use. First place to look is upholstered furniture where people with come into contact the most, such as sofas, chairs, and mattresses. Pay very close attention to search the parts of the furniture that aren’t usually visible such as underneath mattresses and cushions and don’t forget the seams and piping. Remember bud bugs are teeny tiny so you not only have to look at the furniture you need to look in smaller spots like the gaps where the window and door frames meet the wall, they could even be in the head of a screw. Make sure to think of all the tight little dark spots a bed bug could hide in your house. You might want to invest in some latex gloves if you think you’re going to come in contact with bed bugs.

When you were check for the bed bugs make sure to look for the signs I have listed below also. You could possibly have a bed bug infestation even though you didn’t see any live bed bugs. Small transparent empty shells are a possible sign of bed bugs. You might also find small blood stains on your mattresses, pillows, or chairs.

While not the best indicator, bite marks can also be a sign of bed bugs due to being easily misidentified when the actual culprit could be another pest or some allergy reaction. If you have found other clues that would make you think there could possible be abed bug infestation then those bug bites need to be taken as a serious sign of infestation.

Make sure to call an exterminator as soon as possible if you have found multiple signs of bed bug infestation after reading everything here. Exterminating bed bugs is a long and tedious process and you want to be sure that you actually have bed bugs before you spend your hard earned money on a pest control specialist.

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