Bed Bug Indicators and Treatment

Imagine abruptly waking up from a peaceful night of sleep to the sensation of your entire body being completely itchy. Then you start to wonder if your pet picked up some fleas from the dog down the street. Maybe it’s bed Bugs? I have created a list of possible indicators of a bed bug infestation below.

The best place to start is by learning what a bed bug looks like. A grown up bed bug is brownish and oval shaped. Bed bugs are up to .25 inches long when they reach adulthood. Their bodies are also extremely flat. They are so flat they can get behind outlet covers and wallpaper. When bed bugs eat they will become dark red and larger then they usually would appear.

I have compiled a list of areas bed bugs tend to hide. Let’s put that new knowledge of bed bug identification to good use. Beds, couches and chairs are the most likely spot for bed bugs to hide. Make sure you do a real in depth examination, especially in the dark shaded areas that make nice little homes for bed bugs. I’m talking about between the mattress and the box springs of a bed and underneath the chair and couch cushions this also includes the seams and tags. There are a few other hiding spots you also need to check like the cracks on the actual bed frames, draw joints, even in the heads of screws. You might want to wear gloves if you think you’re likely to find a large group of bed bugs.

Just because you don’t see any bed bugs doesn’t mean they aren’t there. You need to check fro traces of bed bugs activity. The sight of dark rusty colored stains are an indicator as are clear empty shells of bed bug larva. Look for any blood droplet stains on cloth furniture that you sit or sleep on.

Allergic reactions and bug bites from insects other than bed bugs can wrongly be misinterpreted as signs of bed bugs so be careful not to over react if you see what appears to be bites over your body. While bug bites by themselves are not solid evidence of a bed bug infestation they can be indicative of an infestation if you have other evidence such as blood spots, stains and empty egg shells.

If you have spotted multiple clues from this article then you probably have a bed bug infestation and need to call a pest control specialist to come remove your bed bugs. Exterminating bed bugs is a long and tedious process and you want to be sure that you actually have bed bugs before you spend your hard earned money on a pest control specialist.for more Information to contact :Pest Management Solutions Tulsa

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