Bed Bug Indicators and Solutions.

One Moment you’re dozing the next second you’re desperately clawing tiny little red bumps covering your total body. Where did these bumps come from you wonder. Was I exposed to poison sumac? Maybe it’s bed Bugs? Check directly below for signs there could be a bed bug crisis.

Here is how you can identify an adult bed bug. A grown up bed bug is brownish and oval shaped. Bed bugs are up to .25 inches long when they reach adulthood. Their bodies are also extremely flat. They are about as flat as a credit card. Bed bugs will become large and red after they have eaten.

I have compiled a list of areas bed bugs tend to hide. Let’s put that new knowledge of bed bug identification to good use. Beds, couches and chairs are the most likely spot for bed bugs to hide. Make sure you do a real in depth examination, especially in the dark shaded areas that make nice little homes for bed bugs. I’m talking about between the mattress and the box springs of a bed and underneath the chair and couch cushions this also includes the seams and tags. Remember bud bugs are teeny tiny so you not only have to look at the furniture you need to look in smaller spots like the gaps where the window and door frames meet the wall, they could even be in the head of a screw. Make sure to think of all the tight little dark spots a bed bug could hide in your house. I would recommend some protective gear like gloves when you start hunting bed bugs.

So you didn’t find any bed bugs, time to relax. Wrong, there is still a chance you have bed bugs. Make sure to also check for signs of bed bugs. Keep a sharp lookout for brownish red spots, these spots can be evidence of bed bugs feces. You might also find small blood stains on your mattresses, pillows, or chairs.

While not the best indicator, bite marks can also be a sign of bed bugs due to being easily misidentified when the actual culprit could be another pest or some allergy reaction. If you see signs of bug bites coupled with other evidence of bed bugs previously mentioned this can be an indication of a bed bug infestation.

Make sure to call an exterminator as soon as possible if you have found multiple signs of bed bug infestation after reading everything here. While it might be possible for you to exterminate the bed bugs by yourself if the infestation is small enough, you still might not be able to kill them all and in a few weeks or months you’re back to where you started. Covered in bite marks and looking for solutions.

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