If you have ever dealt with bed bugs in the past, you already know just have destructive and aggravating these pests can be. While they don’t pose any real health risks, you should know that they could have adverse effects on the psyche. In fact, some people become so obsessed with the fact that their homes are infested and full with bed bugs that they are afraid to sleep at night. If this sounds like something that you are facing, All you need is to get in touch with a reliable and dependable Bed Bug specialist and management  company.

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Bed Bug Precautionary Tips

Since bed bug have been spotted at many public facilities, including schools, daycare, hospitals, college dorms, nursing homes and hotels, you will not be able to avoid making contact with these insects. In fact, you will probably make contact with bed bugs, without even being aware of it. When people spot a bed bug in their home, they immediately begin trying to find the source. Well, if they have recently visited one of the above facilities, it is possible that is where they picked the bed bugs up.

Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult. Any place that humans sit, rest or sleep can be a place that bed bugs are introduced or feed.Sitting for two hours in a movie theater makes you a target. A favorite recliner in the living room can also make you a target. You can also become a target taking a taxi across town.

There are several precautions that you should take to protect your home from potential bed bug infestations. Bed bug can also enter your home in pre-owned or used furniture, clothing and bedding. So, do not purchase these items used unless you want to risk having your home infested with bed bugs. If you do find a specific piece of furniture at a yard sale or thrift shop, you should fully inspect and clean it prior to taking it into your home.

Also, if you are visiting a motel, tourist resort or dorm room, do not sit your personal belongings on the bed. Since bed bugs tend to hide inside of mattresses, box springs and head and footboards, you will want to avoid these areas at all cost. You should thoroughly inspect the bedding, before you even agree to sleep in the room.

Bed bugs specialist

Being located in the Tulsa area, you without a doubt have tons of different bed bugs control companies available to you, but you will not find a more qualified and professionally trained company than ours. We are always willing to go that extra mile to serve our customers, and you will agree after you see everything that we have to offer and recommend us to your neighbor.




At Tulsa Bed Bug specialist we understand that if you have a pest problem you will want it to be dealt with by specialist. Tulsa specialist will assess your situation when you first contact us so that we take care of your bed bugs problem professionally.

We will  instantly assess the risks involved and will provide you with a solution that will leave your home Bed bugs free.

How To Inspect For Beg Bugs

  • We live close (1/4 mile) to a pond and the mosquitoes get out of control. We had Tulsa Bed Bug Specialist come out and spray monthly. The difference is amazing!! We will be calling them back every year.

    Konrad Mowrer

  • This company is the best! My brother was sick and his pest problem grew out of control. Mikkel solved that problem in 3 visits. He not only was professional but patient with us as we had to reschedule several times due to my brothers health. I compared prices of other companies and there is no comparison! He had the very best rate. I can’t say enough about this company, am truly grateful for them! #Sherry Haughn

    Sherry Haughn

  • I was having a bed bug invasion that came out of nowhere and Tulsa Bed Bug Specialists took care of it. They had prompt service and did an excellent job. Would recommend them to anyone.

    Ralph Henderson

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