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Our Bed bugs Control Service

No matter the bed bug treatment you receive from us, each service comes with an initial and follow-up inspection.  We are proud to offer a retreatment if necessary in order to ensure that you have peace of mind and that your home is bedbug free.

Why use us?

We use state of art equipment.

We use researched and proven extermination techniques.

We provide an inspection report for each client.

We approach every client carefully and come up with detailed solutions to combat the infestation.

We use safety procedures with all equipment and techniques to protect you and your techniques

One day heat treatment – usually applications can be done in half a day.

90 day Satisfaction Guaranteed.  We back our service 100% and we will come back and retreat your home if necessary.

We kill all the life cycles of bed bug.

Discreet Service

We know you don’t  want your customers or neighbors or future tenants to know that you have bed bugs. We will quietly and confidentially treat your property.

Follow up inspection

We offer a follow up inspection on all treatments.

Safe for kids and pets

No hazardous chemicals or unsafe practices are used

Free quote, free inspections

Nervous about using us? That is okay, call us!   We will give you a quote and an example of our  procedures and also give you instructions on preparation.

Available Treatment

    3 step system eradication

Heat treatment (chemical free).

Health problems

Bed bug bites may cause a skin rash in some cases

• Having bed bugs in your home may cause stress and embarrassment

• Bed bugs can cause some discomfort

Bed bugs are not known to spread disease.

Bed Bug Facts

Bed Bugs usually bite people at night as the victim sleeps.

Bed Bugs can live up to a year without feeding.

Bed Bugs can live almost anywhere: apartment,home, movie theater, hotel and in any type of climate.

 As a survival instinct, bed bugs are elusive. They know to stay out of view during the daytime, hiding in mattress crevices, box springs, baseboards, behind electrical switch plates, in picture frames, and even behind wallpaper. At night, the carbon dioxide we exhale often tempts them out of their hiding spots.

 People often wonder why a biting bed bug doesn’t wake up its human host when it feeds. The answer is that components in bed bug saliva act as an anesthetic and promote increased blood flow at the bite site, making the feeding process quick and nearly painless for the host.

After feeding, bed bugs move to secluded places and hide for 5-10 days. During this time, they do not feed but instead digest their meal, mate and lay eggs.

Bed Bug Prevention

Whenever you travel, make sure to inspect all the furniture, especially the bed.

Here is how you do it:

Pull back the sheets from the mattress and look for bugs along the seams or tiny blood spots on the mattress.

Look along the edges of the box springs and in the seams of the bedding.

Inspect the headboard and behind it.

Vacuum off luggage and items that cannot be washed. Hand wash other items with hot, soapy water. Use a brush to scrub items, especially where bugs and eggs may be hiding in the seams and folds.

Vacuum mattresses and box springs to remove bugs and eggs.

Cover box springs and mattresses with zippered, vinyl covers for at least a year, as adult bed bugs can survive a year or longer without a meal. Seal any tears with duct tape.

Pull beds away from the wall.